Turks and Caicos Architect Building Dreams

Turquoise blue water, white sandy beaches, lush green palm trees and a bright, blazing sun: welcome to Turks and Caicos. It’s typically sunny about 350 days a year, and it’s home to the 3rd largest coral reef in the world, which helps keep the beaches amazingly clean. It’s about as close to living in paradise as it gets. And while it’s one thing to dream about living in paradise, there is a company whose job it is to literally build those dreams. Enter RA Shaw Designs, who have been operating in Turks and Caicos for 20 years, and who are behind some of the islands most stunning properties. Based out of Providenciales, they are the only single source architecture and general contracting company in all of Turks and Caicos. They can do everything for you, right from initial concepts for a home until the final walkthrough. Even if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, or just have a loose idea for a “dream home” sparked by a picture on Pinterest, an initial conversation with someone at RA Shaw Designs will help you pinpoint your vision. If a brand new home isn’t on your list, and you have a smaller scale project in mind, RA Shaw Designs does everything from renovations to completely custom design and construction. No matter the project, R. Shaw Designs are entirely engaged with their clients, and this results in an attention to detail and quality that is unprecedented.

The owner and founder of the company is Ronald A Shaw. He is an expert at seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, which means the indoor and outdoor parts of the home flow into each other naturally, which is something that makes them extremely easy to live in. Not only are these homes visually impressive, but they are functional.

When it comes to building homes in a place as beautiful as Turks and Caicos, it means the properties must work with the environment, not take away from it. Turks and Caicos is full of low-rise, low impact properties, and this has helped preserve the island in a way that a lot of other Caribbean islands have failed to do.

Tropical environments lend themselves to beautiful views and warm breezes off the water, and these are things that are accounted for in a home by RA Shaw Designs. This means incorporating elegant water features, stunning pools, open-air interiors, and state of the art technology. This also means taking into consideration other effects of the geography such as beaming hot sun, hurricane force winds, humidity and occasional rain. RA Shaw Designs combats these elements by using the Bermuda roof system, which has UV-reflective qualities, as well as the ability to resist hurricane winds. The locations for the open-air interiors are chosen with the direction of the breeze, and the view, in mind. These aren’t just homes, they are masterpieces.

Recently, RA Shaw Designs won “Best International Architecture Single Residence” in the 2017/2018 International Property Awards, as well as “Best International Architecture Single Residence” in the 2017 American Property Awards; they have been featured on HGTV’s Ultimate House Hunt, and highlighted in the Toronto Star. As if that isn’t impressive enough, they have also been voted “Best Caribbean Architecture & Design Firm” for two consecutive years by Caribbean World Magazine, and were ranked in the Top 50 Coastal Architects by Ocean Homes Magazine. To put it simply: when you are building your dream home in paradise, this is the company you want building it for you.